The Competition in few words ...

The First International Competition of Belcanto Vincenzo Bellini is the only competition having the particularity of being destined only to the belcantist repertory and voices. Since then, it occupies a special place on the international lyric chessboard. It is a first of its kind, and its specificity is unprecedented in the panorama of the lyrical competitions.

Its founder President, the Italian conductor Marco GUIDARINI, who occupies a prominent place in the world's lyrical landscape, has set high the threshold of vocal requirement required to participate in this competition intended for this type of repertoire absolutely targeted. One can only be candidates for this competition after having participated in the very selective auditions of young professional singers, where most of whom have already won international competitions. The great expertise of Maestro Guidarini in this field makes this competition an absolute and undisputed reference of this vocal discipline, of which there are very few representatives, because of its technical difficulty. This unique concept in terms of lyrical competition is the subject of an exclusive concept duly deposited (copyright).

Unique in its conception - since there is an enormous confusion in the collective imagination as regards the term "Bel canto" which is wrongly assimilated to lyrical singing in its entirety - it is the only one to defend the true identity of the Belcantist Art. Its vocation is to seek out and make known to the public the voices possessing the characteristics which will allow them to approach the main Belcantist roles, and also to promote this magnificent repertory (pre-Verdian), little illumined by the lack of the the teaching of this formidable vocal discipline.

Our collaboration since 2010 through Maestro Guidarini with the biggest lyrical institutions such as the Accademia alla Scala in Milan, with which he collaborates regularly, demonstrates the legitimacy of our approach: offering to the public the elite of the Belcantist voices and allow these new talents to sensitize producers and directors of opera houses in order to help them developping their career at the highest level. All are pursuing a brilliant career. Through our international contacts, and because of the solid level we require, award-winning singers are offered concerts and prestigious contacts, in order to facilitate them a rapid access to the most fertile career.

Numerous prominent personalities participate in the juries of the contest:
Artists of world renown : June Anderson, Pretty Yende, Mady Mesplé, Leontina Vaduva, Viorica Cortez, Inva Mula ...
As important personalities of the world music : among them Alain Lanceron (President of EMI and Virgin Classic), Daniele Borniquez (Artistic Director of the Accademia alla Scala of Milan, partner of the Competition in 2010), Sergio Ségalini (Editor in chief of Opera International, ex-editor of Opera Magazine, ex-superintendent of the Fenice of Venice and San Carlo in Naples and creator of the Martina Franca Festival), Vincenzo de Vivo (Superintendent of the San Carlo Tower in Naples), Gioachino Lanza Tomasi (Musicologist), Enrico Castiglione (Artistic Director of the Bellini Festival in Catania, the Easter Festival in Rome and the Taormina Arte Opera Festival)...

This new competition gave the French public the opportunity to discover great voices : in particular the young Soprano Pretty Yende, the first Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2010. Pretty YENDE won among other prestigious awards in Moscow the Grand Prize of the OPERALIA / Placido DOMINGO 2011! Absolute consecration for our discovery! She is the only one in the history of the competition to have obtained 3 Prizes for this same competition / 1st Prize, Jury Prize and the Zarzuela one ! Having become a star of lyrical scenes, this very great young artist, a resident of the Accademia della Scala (status created for her) and winner of other very prestigious lyrical competitions, is now on the biggest world stages. The Parisian public had the opportunity to find her again at her recital on October 28, 2011 at the Espace Cardin, organized within the framework of our Competition. This was his first and only recital in France. It now radiates on the biggest world stages.

All finalists or winners of the contest pursue a brilliant career. Anna Kasyan (2013), Sung Min Song (2015), Roberta Mantegna (2016), Marie LYS (2017), the surprise of the 2018 edition, Nombulelo YENDE, and very recently Déborah SALAZAR (2019) have a thriving career, along with many of our finalists.

The competition is also the only French lyric competition hosted internationally. As a Franco-Italian identity, the 2nd edition of the Competition took place in Catania (Sicily), Bellini's birthplace, in partnership with the Bellini Festival in Catania. In 2016, Buenos Aires became official partner of the Competition at the invitation of the Argentine authorities. The Competition now also collaborates with the famous Lyric Academy of the Teatro Colon, a high place for international lyric singing, as well as the famous Teatro del Giglio di Lucca, in Italie, house of the so famous Puccini.
Other collaborations are being prepared ... To be continued!

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The editions of the Bellini Competition

Bellini Competition - Edition 2021


The 1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2021 has been granted to

Yulia MERKUDINOVA, Soprano, Ukraine


Public Special Award: Lira MILA, Soprano, Greece-Albania

Musicarte Award for Best interpretation of an aria in French : Marion AUCHERE, Soprano, France

Vendôme City Special Award: Mathilde ORTSCHEIDT, Mezzo-Soprano, France

Male Voice Special Award: not-granted

Female Voice Special Award: Marion AUCHERE, Soprano, France


Finalists are :

Katharina SEMMELBECK, Soprano, Germany

Florian BISBROUCK, Baryton, France

Bellini Competition - Edition 2019

The  1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2019 has been granted to

Déborah SALAZAR, Soprano, France/Mexico.


Public Special Award : Olga SYNIAKOVA, Mezzo-soprano, Ukraine

Female Voice Special Award : Olga SYNIAKOVA, Mezzo-soprano, Ukraine

Jury Special Award : Olga SYNIAKOVA, Mezzo-soprano, Ukraine

Male Voice Special Award : not granted

Vendôme City Special Award : Clara GUILLON, Soprano, France

Mady Mesplé Special Award (Best interpretation of an aria in French) : Elsa ROUX-CHAMOUX, Mezzo-Soprano, France


Finalists are :

Cécile ACHILLE, Soprano, France

Vlada BOROVKO, Soprano, Russia

Daniela PRADO, Mezzo-soprano, Argentina

Ilaria VANACORE, Soprano, Italy.

Bellini Competition - Edition 2018

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The  1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2018 has been granted to Nombulelo YENDE, Soprano, South Africa.


Public Special Award : Nombulelo YENDE, Soprano, South Africa

Female Voice Special Award : Laura PISANI, Soprano, Argentina

Male Voice Special Award : not granted

Vendôme City Special Award : Arianna CIMOLIN, Soprano, Italy

Mady Mesplé Special Award (Best interpretation of an aria in French) : not granted

New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Special Award : Sara BAÑERAS, Soprano, spain.


Finalists are :

Sara FANIN, Soprano (Italy)

Paola MAZZOLI, Mezzo-Soprano (Italy)

Hernan VUGA, Baritone (Argentina).

Bellini Competition - Edition 2017

The  1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2017 has been granted to Marie LYS, Soprano (Switzerland).

Special Award Female Voice (ex-aequo) : Ludmilla BAUERFELDT, Soprano (Bresil) & Medea DE ANNA, Soprano (Italy)

Mady Mesplé Special Award for the best interpretation of an aria in French : Santiago MARTINEZ, Tenor (Argentina)

New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Special Award : Ester PAVLU, Mezzo-Soprano (Czech Republic)


Finalists are :

Olivier DEJEAN, Bass (France)

Jing Xing TAN, Tenor (China)

Benjamin WOH, Tenor (France)

Bellini Competition - Edition 2016

The  1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2016 has been granted to Roberta MANTEGNA, Soprano,  Italy.


Barnes Special Award for the best interpretation of an aria in French : Amélie ROBINS, Soprano, France

Monceau Assurances Special Award Female Voice : Stepanka PUCALKOVA, Soprano, Czecoslovakia

New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Special Award : Anush HOVHANNISYAN, Soprano, Armenia


Finalists are :

Luis Alberto LOAIZA-ISLER, Baryton, Chile / Argentinia

Olga ZHIGMITOVA, Mezzo-Soprano, Mongolia

Deborah SALAZAR-SANFELD,  Soprano, France

Julia KNECHT, Soprano, France

Bellini Competition - Edition 2015

The 1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini has been granted to the corean tenor Sung Min Song.

ADAMI Special Award Male Voice : Sung Min SONG, Tenor, South Corea

ADAMI Special Award Female Voice : Liyin YANG, Soprano, China

Barnes Special Award : Marjorie MURAY-MOTTE, Mezzo-Soprano, France

New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Special Award : Lussine LEVONI, Soprano, Armenia

Finalists are : 

Ramona PAUN, Soprano, Romania

Paola MAZZOLI, Mezzo Soprano, Italy

Bellini Competition - Edition 2014

No Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini granted.

Special Award of the Ville de La Garenne-Colombe (ex-aequo) : Marion LEBEGUE, Soprano, France & Cristina GIANELLI, Soprano, Italy

Barnes Special Award (best interpretation of an aria in French) : Marion LEBEGUE, Soprano, France

New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Special Award : Myrto BOCOLINI, Mezzo Soprano, Greece

Finalists are : 

Anna MARSHANIYA, Mezzo Soprano, Georgia

Jérémy DUFFAU, Tenor, France

Odile HEIMBURGER, Soprano, France

Bellini Competition - Edition 2013

The 1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini 2013 has been granted to Anna KASYAN, Soprano, France.

New Year Music Festival in Gstaad Special Award : Heera Bae, Soprano, South Corea

Special Award for the best interpretation of an aria in French : Paul GAUGLER, Tenor, France

Finalists are :

Odile HEIMBURGER, Soprano, France

Sonia-Maria FORTUNATO, Mezzo-Soprano, Italy

Liyin YANG, Soprano, China

Bellini Competition - Edition 2012

No Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini granted.

2nd Award : Valeria TORNATORE, Mezzo Soprano, Italy

3rd Award : Paul GAUGLER, Tenor, France

Finalists are : 

Eve Maud HUBEAUX, Mezzo Soprano, France-Switzerland

Amélie ROBINAULT, Soprano, France

Barbara MORALY, Soprano, France

Magdalena SCHMIELEKA, Soprano, Poland.

Bellini Competition - Edition 2010

Le 1st Grand Prix Vincenzo Bellini has been granted to Pretty Yende, Soprano, South Africa.

2nd Award : Saoia HERNANDEZ, Soprano, Spain

3rd Award : Julia FARRES, Soprano, Spain

Finalists are :

Jihan SHIN, Tenor, Corea

Sandra Liz CARTAGENA, Soprano, Colombia

Julie CHERRIER, Soprano, France


Concours International de Belcanto Vincenzo Bellini - 11° edition

Annonce des Candidats sélectionnés /
Selected Candidates Announcement!

Toute l'Equipe du Concours est très heureuse d'annoncer la liste des candidats sélectionnés pour la

11ème édition du Concours:

The Competition Team is very pleased to announce the list of the selected candidates for the

11th edition of the Competition:

La 11° édition du Concours aura lieu les

4 et 5 Novembre 2022 à Vendôme /

the 11° édition of the Competition will be held on

November 4-5th, 2022 in Vendôme

Liste sélectionnés.JPG

La comptétition aura lieu à l'Auditorium Monceau de Vendôme

(1 avenue des Cités unies de l'Europe - 41 100 Vendôme - Gare TGV: Vendôme/Villiers sur Loir).

Demi-Finale : 4 novembre 2022 à 19h00

Finale : 5 Novembre 2022 à 20h00.

Nous espérons vous accueillir nombreux lors de cette onzième édition et félicitons chaleureusement l'ensemble des candidats.

Vous pourrez y applaudir les exceptionnels candidats de cette édition et donner votre voix au candidat de votre choix lors de la Finale pour le Prix du Public.

Un événement international à ne pas manquer, à 40 minutes seulement de Paris (TGV direct)!

La billetterie est d'ores et déjà ouverte ! Vous trouverez son lien ci-dessous, sur cette même page.

Les prochaines sélections pour l'édition 2023 du Concours Bellini seront annoncées en début de printemps 2023.

Toutes les prochaines annonces seront diffusées sur cette même page ainsi que sur nos pages Facebook (liens sur les deux boutons en haut de chaque page).

A bientôt !


This eleventh edition will take place in Vendôme, in the Monceau Auditorium

(1 avenue des Cités unies de l'Europe - 41 100 Vendôme - Gare TGV: Vendôme/Villiers sur Loir).

Semi-Final: November 4th, 2022 - 7:00 PM

Final: November 5th, 2022 - 8:00 PM

We hope to welcome many of you to this eleventh edition and warmly congratulate all the candidates.

You will be able to applaud the exceptional candidates of this edition and give your voice to the candidate of your choice during the Final round, for the Audience Award.

An international event not to be missed, just 40 minutes away from Paris (direct TGV)!

The ticket office is open!! You'll find the link below, on this page.

The next selections for the 2023 edition of the Bellini Competition will be announced at the end of spring 2023.

All future announcements will be displayed on this same page as well as on our Facebook pages (links on the two buttons at the top of each page).

See you soon !