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The Vincenzo Bellini Belcanto Academy

... or Belcantist lyrical Workshop

When the International Competition of Belcanto Vincenzo Bellini was founded, we found that there was a specific and recurrent demand for the teaching of the belcantist vocal technique. This yechnique does not only allows to approach this type of repertory so formative, but also makes conducive the emergence of new lyrical belcantist talents.

Moreover, the training of singers in this repertoire encourages the opera houses to program belcanto, which was for a time neglected because of a lack of singers trained to incarnate those roles that require a very specific vocal technique. The extreme difficulty of this summit of the Vocal Art demands a very particular teaching. This is one of the aims of the Bellini Academy. *

This repertoire is often favored by lovers of operatic art, as the Belcantist Opera is at the origin of the great lyric works universally acclaimed. It occupies more and more the programme of the theaters, and the phenomenon is verified especially in France.

The strong demand of the young singers who wish to approach or to improve in this type of Repertory thus makes necessary  the creation of a belcantist academy wished by the creators of the competition.

This step is legitimated on our part by the international existence of our prestigious competition, and will be placed under the supervision of the Maestro Marco Guidarini, whose expertise in this field is major and recognized. Its creation is therefore proposed initially in the form of internships in different places.


Internships are regularly offered during the year :

The Monceau Assurances Group, partner of the Academy, hosts the Summer Workshops, in its Campus de Vendôme (with accommodation and half board on site).

The Academy is even internationally exported : 2017 marks the beginning of a new partnership with the Instituto Superior de Arte of the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires (Argentina).


You will find here :

 Nouvel Atelier d'Eté/
New Summer Workshop

du 13 au 25 août 2024/

from 13 to 25 August 2024

Maitres de Stage /

Workshop Supervisors:

Marco GUIDARINI, Chef d'orchestre / Conductor


Viorica CORTEZ, Mezzo-Soprano

Atelier avec cours matin et après-midi, hébergement en chambre individuelle et pension complète sur place /

Workshop with courses morning and afternoon, accomodation in single room and full board on site

Concerts de clôture les 23, 24 et 25 août 2024

dans les Jardins suspendus du Château de Vendôme et à l'Auditorium Monceau/

Closing concerts on August 23, 24 and 25th, 2024

in the Suspended Gardens of the Vendôme old Castle

and at the Monceau Auditorium

Sélection sur dossier / Selection upon file:

merci d'envoyer CV + extrait audio ou vidéo /

please send CV + audio or video clip

Dossier d'inscription envoyé sur demande par email /

Registration file sent upon demand by email:


Below the Trailers of the Vincenzo Bellini Belcanto Academy :

Summer Workshop 2019
Summer Workshop 2017
Summer Workshop 2016

For any information regarding the next Workshops, please feel free to contact us :

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